Welcome to Franken 40 Build Project

Here is my current idea that came across my mind after getting my K40 laser machine.
Note: Do not attempt to make or build this or a similar machine if you are not familiar with CO2 laser machines, this is not a toy, 

I decide to get another Machine to take it all appart and do something more usable, working area wise, using every single stock part of it but of course not the X Y stage frame that is the current limitation of this machine not only by the size but also the poor quality of it (that crap is not square and to small)

Based on what I have learned in my previous builds i was able to accomplish what I wanted using the  Openbuilds vslot linear rail system.

The machine was build using 95% of the K40 stock parts, the only main part discarted was the X Y stage for obvious reasons, so lets frame it, make it bigger.

Original Chinese K40 Laser